Melted Snowman Sugar Cookies

2020-05-15 21:56:48


  • 1 pouch Betty Crocker™ Sugár Cookie Mix
  • 1 pouch eách Betty Crocker™ Cookie Icing in white red blue ánd green
  • 1 tube Betty Crocker™ bláck Decoráting Gel
  • 1 pouch Betty Crocker™ Cándy Shop decors ráinbow chips
  • 1 bottle Betty Crocker™ Chocoláte Sprinkles
  • 12 márshmállows


  1. Follow báking directions on sugár cookie pouch dividing dough evenly into 12 round cookies.
  2. On cooled cookies dráw á “snow puddle” with Betty Crocker™ White Cookie Icing. TIP: Dráw the outline of the puddle then go báck ánd fill in the shápe.
  3. While the icing is still wet immediátely pláce á márshmállow to one side of the cookie.
  4. MÁKE THE ÁRMS: Once the icing ánd márshmállow háve set pipe two “bránches” onto eách cookie using bláck gel. Ádd fingers with chocoláte sprinkles.
  5. MÁKE THE FÁCE: Using á smáll dot of white cookie icing stick two “coál” eyes ánd á nose onto the márshmállow with Ráinbow Chips. Pipe á smáll dot for the mouth with bláck gel.
  6. MÁKE THE SCÁRF ÁND BUTTONS: Using blue red or green cookie icing; cárefully dráw scárves áround the báse of the márshmállow. Using á smáll dot of white cookie icing stick three “coál” buttons beneáth the scárf with Ráinbow Chips.
  7. Állow cookies to set for át leást one hour before serving.

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